Google Web Toolkit Integration

DAO Fusion client classes can be integrated into Google Web Toolkit (GWT) applications in a few simple steps.

Add client sources to project classpath

GWT compiles Java client application classes for which source code is available into equivalent but highly optimized JavaScript code. If you intend to use DAO Fusion client classes within your GWT application, you need to make sure that sources for the given DAO Fusion project are available on the classpath along with corresponding binaries.

For Maven users, this task is as simple as adding the following dependency into your project's pom.xml:


This dependency will essentially add the daofusion-core-${daofusion-version}-sources.jar to the project classpath. The provided scope ensures that this dependency won't be reflected into your final project build.

See the Maven integration page for more information about how DAO Fusion integrates with Maven.

Register client classes within your GWT module

Since it's possible to specify multiple source elements within your GWT module descriptor (your-module.gwt.xml), you can register DAO Fusion client classes within your GWT module like this:

	<source path="com/anasoft/os/daofusion/cto/client" />

Now you're ready to use DAO Fusion in your GWT applications.