Code Review

In addition to the issue tracker for reporting and commenting on project issues, we encourage all project members to use Rietveld code review application hosted on Google App Engine to submit their patches for code review.

Code reviews enable project members to comment on patch sets (sets of diffs for a particular revision) made by other project members, which improves the overall source code quality along with some other positive side effects, such as:

  • project members are aware of impacts caused by the issue implementation, staying up to date with the current state of the project
  • code reviews promote a common "coding culture" (conventions, patterns and best practices applied to the source code) across the community

Code review relates to contributors and committers alike:

  • contributors have the possibility to propose their solutions for project issues
  • committers can do the same thing plus decide whether or not to commit their solutions (pre-commit or post-commit code review)

Performing code review

If you're a project member working on specific issue(s):

  • Log in to Rietveld with your Google Account.
  • Create a code review issue for any issue(s) you have resolved (don't forget to specify the corresponding SVN base when creating code review issues manually).
  • Invite all project members for a code review by using Publish + Mail Comments feature as well as posting code review issue URL(s) for related issues within the issue tracker.
  • See this guide for detailed information about the code review process.