Coding Conventions

Open source projects involve many people at distinct places and time zones collaborating together to build a software that is useful to each and every community member. Applying a simple set of coding conventions and best practices ensures readability, maintainability and overall quality of the source code.

Source code

Code Conventions for the Java Programming Language are standard Java conventions recommended by Sun.

Eclipse users are encouraged to use our custom Java formatter profile (you can import this file into Eclipse via Window | Preferences | Java | Code Style | Formatter).

All Javadoc comments should be written in English. If you copy code from other sources, please credit original author(s) too.

File encoding

UTF-8 encoding should be used as the default for all source and configuration (xml, properties) files. You might want to set up your IDE to use UTF-8 for all source files prior to checking out DAO Fusion projects.

Best practices

DAO Fusion developers are encouraged to use and apply any best practices and design patterns they find appropriate.

Practicing code reviews when proposing or committing source code patches for a particular revision is highly recommended. Patch sets representing non-trivial issue fixes or other major changes should definitely go through the code review process in any case.