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Release History

Version Date Description
1.2.0 2009-10-06 Initial release of the the 1.2.x branch
1.2 M3 2009-09-14 Milestone 3 of the 1.2.x branch
1.2 M2 2009-07-21 Milestone 2 of the 1.2.x branch
1.2 M1 2009-06-16 Milestone 1 of the 1.2.x branch
1.1.1 2009-04-24 Maintenance release of the 1.1.x branch
1.1.0 2009-03-19 Initial release of the the 1.1.x branch
1.0.1 2009-02-26 Maintenance release of the 1.0.x branch
1.0.0 2009-02-18 Initial release

Release 1.2.0 - 2009-10-06

Type Changes By
update Reworked NestedPropertyMappingGroup so that there can be multiple property mappings for handling the same propertyId during the criteria transfer object conversion. vojtech.szocs
add Added FilterValueConverter "NOOP" implementation to FilterValueConverters. vojtech.szocs

Release 1.2 M3 - 2009-09-14

Type Changes By
fix Resolved issue "Incorporate support for bitemportal pattern". Fixes 9. igor.mihalik
update Cleanup of Maven dependencies in POM files. All external compile-scoped dependencies are now marked as optional for more control over the dependency resolution process. igor.mihalik
fix Maven dependency cleanup in "Hello, DAO!" sample application (Hibernate Core, Google Web Toolkit). vojtech.szocs
add Added original bitemporal framework license files (BSD and Apache) under src/main/resources in daofusion-core. vojtech.szocs

Release 1.2 M2 - 2009-07-21

Type Changes By
update Persistent enumeration lookup methods in PersistentEnumerationDao renamed from "get" to "getByName". vojtech.szocs
add Added extra lookup methods into PersistentEnumerationDao along with AbstractHibernateEnumerationDaoTest update. vojtech.szocs
add Added bitemporal pattern implementation that integrates with the standard persistent entity model along with corresponding test cases. Bitemporal classes are placed in package "com.anasoft.os.daofusion.bitemporal". igor.mihalik
remove Removed advisor-based transaction configuration in testContext-hibernate-baseIntegration.xml (daofusion-test) which duplicates "tx:annotation-driven" namespace configuration and results in duplicate transaction proxy creation over @Transactional beans. igor.mihalik
add Added compile-scoped Joda Time dependency to daofusion-core POM. igor.mihalik

Release 1.2 M1 - 2009-06-16

Type Changes By
fix Resolved issue "Add countAll() methods to PersistentEntityDao". Fixes 5. vojtech.szocs
fix Resolved issue "CriteriaTransferObject#add() Javadoc update". Fixes 6. vojtech.szocs
fix Resolved issue "Utility class for commonly used PropertyFilterCriterionProvider instances". Fixes 7. vojtech.szocs
fix Resolved issue "Property path refactoring". Original methods working with the propertyPath / associationJoinType concept are now marked as deprecated in favor of the associationPath / targetPropertyName approach. Fixes 8. vojtech.szocs
update Major code review and refactoring of daofusion-core. vojtech.szocs
add NestedPropertyCriterion subclasses can now be constructed via specific builders as an alternative to using constructors. vojtech.szocs
add Added SimpleFilterCriterionProvider as a convenience base class for simple FilterCriterionProvider (former PropertyFilterCriterionProvider) implementations. vojtech.szocs
add Added FilterValueConverters utility class for most common FilterValueConverter (former FilterValueObjectProvider) implementations. vojtech.szocs
update FilterValueConverter (former FilterValueObjectProvider) and FilterAndSortMapping are now parametrized to ensure type safety when working with CTO mappings. vojtech.szocs
add Added implicit clone operation support for PersistentEntity and MutablePersistentEntity. vojtech.szocs
remove Removed HibernateHelper from daofusion-core. Hibernate Criteria instance modifications should now be performed via AssociationPathRegister. vojtech.szocs
fix Corrected cascade type definitions on Customer and Order entities within daofusion-test. This could potentionally cause ConstraintViolationExceptions when deleting related entities. vojtech.szocs
update GPL license as well as the LGPL one are now placed under src/main/resources. vojtech.szocs

Release 1.1.1 - 2009-04-24

Type Changes By
fix Resolved issue "Request for merging functionality - NestedPropertyCriteria". Fixes 2. vojtech.szocs
fix Resolved issue "Problem with findSubCriteria in com.anasoft.os.daofusion.criteria.NestedPropertyCriteria - incorrect result criteria hierarchy". Fixes 3. vojtech.szocs
fix Resolved issue "org.h2.jdbc.JdbcSQLException thrown after running core integration tests for H2 database". Fixes 4. vojtech.szocs
update Persistent property name constant NAME changed to _NAME in PersistentEnumeration. vojtech.szocs
update CriteriaTransferObjectCountWrapperTest updated to use @Mock annotations in conjunction with MockitoJUnitRunner. vojtech.szocs
add Added LGPL license under src/main/resources/license directory. vojtech.szocs

Release 1.1.0 - 2009-03-19

Type Changes By
fix Resolved issue "H2: NestedPropertyCriteria created by NestedPropertyCriteriaBasedConverter fails within AbstractHibernateEntityDao#count()". Implementation includes a server-side CriteriaTransferObject wrapper for entity instance count purposes (CriteriaTransferObjectCountWrapper) along with the corresponding unit test. Fixes 1. vojtech.szocs
update Updated BaseHibernateDataAccessor#rowCount() method - now a check is made whether the "rowCount" projection results in a single Integer value (if not, a warning is logged and zero is returned). vojtech.szocs
update Updated Javadoc within PersistentEntityDao / AbstractHibernateEntityDao / BaseHibernateDataAccessor to clarify things about the "rowCount" projection stuff. vojtech.szocs
update Updated AbstractHibernateEntityDaoTest: performing instance count on a result set with multiple instances, which is shaped by FilterCriterion instances. vojtech.szocs
update FilterAndSortMapping#apply() method now checks if FilterAndSortCriteria contains any filter values prior to adding corresponding FilterCriterion into the NestedPropertyCriteria. igor.mihalik
update Updated NestedPropertyCriteriaBasedConverterTest: converting criteria transfer object that contains FilterAndSortCriteria instances without any filter values. igor.mihalik
add Added test-scoped Mockito dependency to the parent POM. igor.mihalik
add Added test-scoped "slf4j-simple" dependency to the parent POM (default SLF4J binding for unit tests). vojtech.szocs
remove Removed dependency to "slf4j-jcl" from daofusion-core POM. This way, users have the possibility to specify desired SLF4J binding on their own. vojtech.szocs
remove Removed dependency to "maven-eclipse-plugin" from the parent POM. vojtech.szocs

Release 1.0.1 - 2009-02-26

Type Changes By
fix Removed "final" keyword for fields within CriteriaTransferObject and FilterAndSortCriteria to allow proper class serialization. vojtech.szocs
fix Added default constructor with "protected" visibility into FilterAndSortCriteria to allow proper class deserialization. vojtech.szocs
add Added "clearFilterValues" method into FilterAndSortCriteria. vojtech.szocs
add Added convenience constructor into FilterCriterion regarding single filter object value path or a single direct value for a specific NestedPropertyJoinType. vojtech.szocs

Release 1.0.0 - 2009-02-18

Type Changes By
add Initial release. vojtech.szocs