Package com.anasoft.os.daofusion.criteria

Criteria classes defining persistent entity query constraints.


Interface Summary
FilterCriterionProvider Generic Criterion instance provider contract used by the FilterCriterion.
NestedPropertyCriterionVisitor Visitor for specific NestedPropertyCriterion subclasses that groups query constraint application logic operating on the root Criteria instance.
PersistentEntityCriteria Persistent entity criteria contract used by the PersistentEntityDao.
PersistentEntityCriterion<V> Persistent entity criterion contract that uses visitor pattern for defining query constraint application logic.

Class Summary
AbstractCriterionGroup<T extends PersistentEntityCriterion<V>,V> Base class for persistent entity criteria implementations working with PersistentEntityCriterion instances.
AssociationPath Association path which points to the given property of the target persistent entity.
AssociationPathElement Association path element contained in the AssociationPath.
AssociationPathRegister Register of AssociationPath instances and corresponding Hibernate Criteria to be reused when modifying the root Criteria instance.
FilterCriterion Filter criterion for a single property of the target persistent entity.
FilterCriterion.FilterCriterionBuilder Builder for FilterCriterion instances.
NestedPropertyCriteria General purpose persistent entity criteria implementation acting as container for NestedPropertyCriterion instances.
NestedPropertyCriteria.DefaultNestedPropertyCriterionVisitor Default NestedPropertyCriterionVisitor implementation operating on the given Criteria instance.
NestedPropertyCriterion<V extends NestedPropertyCriterionVisitor> Generic persistent entity property criterion supporting a nested property of the target persistent entity.
NestedPropertyCriterion.NestedPropertyCriterionBuilder<T extends NestedPropertyCriterion<V>,V extends NestedPropertyCriterionVisitor> Base class for specific NestedPropertyCriterion builders.
SimpleFilterCriterionProvider Base class for FilterCriterionProvider implementations that use either filter object or direct values filter data concept.
SortCriterion Sort criterion for a single property of the target persistent entity.
SortCriterion.SortCriterionBuilder Builder for SortCriterion instances.

Enum Summary
NestedPropertyJoinType Enumeration of possible database join types applicable to AssociationPathElement instances.
SimpleFilterCriterionProvider.FilterDataStrategy Type of the strategy for passing filter data to the given FilterCriterionProvider.

Package com.anasoft.os.daofusion.criteria Description

Criteria classes defining persistent entity query constraints.

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