Interface PersistentEntityCriterion<V>

Type Parameters:
V - Type of the criterion visitor applicable for this criterion.
All Known Implementing Classes:
FilterCriterion, NestedPropertyCriterion, SortCriterion

public interface PersistentEntityCriterion<V>

Persistent entity criterion contract that uses visitor pattern for defining query constraint application logic.

Implement this interface if you want to plug in your custom criterion implementations in conjunction with an appropriate AbstractCriterionGroup.

See Also:
NestedPropertyCriterion, NestedPropertyCriteria, AbstractCriterionGroup

Method Summary
 void accept(V visitor)
          Accepts the given visitor to visit this criterion.

Method Detail


void accept(V visitor)
Accepts the given visitor to visit this criterion.

visitor - The visitor to accept.

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